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Parenting in Public - Traveling with Children

Between our family being abroad and our love for seeing new places, our children have been travelling since they were about 6 months old. Thankfully though, the novelty of being on a plane and/or a train hasn’t worn off yet! Here are some of my traveling…


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Wet Fun in the Sun: Waterparks in New Jersey

                          Wet Fun In The Sun: Waterparks in New Jersey


What's the best way to spend your summer than by having a blast at New Jersey's many waterparks? From the waterparks, huge pools, it's sure to be endless fun for the whole family. If you happen to be in New Jersey make sure to check out these…


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Freedom & Fireworks Festival in Jersey City

Freedom & Fireworks Festival…


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Father's Day: The Celebration of a lifetime

                      The Best Father's Day deals in Hoboken and New Jersey

With Father's Day fast approaching you may be having trouble finding the perfect gift or simply what to do? Maybe you're tired of buying the same gift every year or simply want to being a sense of adventure to your father's life. Well Hoboken happens to be the perfect place…


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Parenting in Public - Class Drop-offs

I’ve always envied parents who are able to drop off their children to school or summer classes without a whine or a whimper. You would think that given that my boys have been in daycare since they were infants this would be a non-issue. Not so! The older one doesn’t have trouble anymore but the…


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My child finds our toothpaste "spicy" and refuses to use it. 

We recommend infant toothpaste found in your local pharmacy. Have your child pick out their favorite flavor. We also recommend using half a peas size amount on their toothbrush. Most younger children (1-3 yrs) end up swallowing toothpaste which may be harmful in large quantities. 

Make it a fun time and do it together!

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M.E.T.S Charter School


211 Sherman Ave

Jersey City, NJ 07307

For students in grades 6-12, M.E.T.S Charter School provides an academically rigorous curriculum. It is the only charter school in New Jersey that has a high school. The school is committed to providing an education so their students can achieve their…


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Father's Day Frame | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

I think the important part of any Father's Day craft, is to make sure it's something super cute and useful dad would be excited to display…

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The excitement of Hoboken

                                                              Where to go and what to do?

With the summer here you're probably wondering how to keep your little one entertained, occupied, and overall have a good time! Luckily for you New Jersey and Hoboken if filled with numerous activities to please everyone of all ages! So enjoy the sun and these fun activities.…


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Parenting in Public - At the Restaurant (Part 2)


We are one of the lucky ones in that our children love to eat, so eating out has never been an issue. They enjoy the process of being in a new place with new food to try and all of us being together. However, I realize that it can be a challenging…


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Mom-In-Law: H-4- Stay at Home No More!

I know, I know, another article about mother-in-laws. I wish! I am a mother and practice immigration law. I wanted bring relevant legal information to our mom community. This article is about a new H-4 law that was passed by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on May 26, 2015. This law comes as a result of President Obama's executive action on immigration. It is interesting to note that a majority of such H-4 visa holders come from South Asia! According to SAALT, “in 2013, over 75%…


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We can finally enjoy this warm weather. Lets stay cool and smart about what we drink.


The best way to stay hydrated and cool...and best way to stay cavity free!!

Questions? Ask us

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How will dropping the Common Core Standards impact our Children?

Today, I read that Governor Christie would like New Jersey to drop the Common Core. According to the Washington Post, Governor Christie stated “ It simply is not working”.  As an educator I have my own opinion about the Common Core fiasco, however I would prefer to think about our children. My background…


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The Embankment School: A Progressive, Hands On Approach To Learning


With a vision to engage their students in inquiry based learning, to develop their students emotionally and socially, and to educate their student in the Arts and STEM, the Embankment School is truly one of a kind. Based in Jersey City, the school prides itself with a mission to spark their student’s passions and provide them with a rigorously academic and intellectual education.…


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Family Events in Jersey City for the Memorial Day Weekend

Cake Boss:  Flag-Themed Cake Class

Saturday, May…


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Memorial Day Parades Featured in Hudson and Bergen Counties

Memorial Day Parades in Hudson County

Guttenberg, NJ…


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Sail Away Art Project | Time to Create with Lady Lucas

I've been so inspired by the sea this May, and sailboats are a theme that is often equally popular with young boys and girls. Although I don't live…

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Parenting in Public - At the Restaurant (Part 1)

We decided early on that the kids would not be an impediment to our evenings out and made a conscious effort to take them out with us at least once a week, beginning at six weeks old. Sometimes we do leave them with the babysitter for the all important couple time but most of the time they are with us -…


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Don't panic. Most babies out grow this habit. During the day, if your baby grinds his/her teeth try to redirect their attention.  At night time however, there is not much you can do. As your baby grows, if he/she is still grinding after all their teeth come in, have a dentist check them for signs of excessive wear.

Please contact our office for more information or visit our website at

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Fun, fun, fun in the sun: Hoboken and Jersey City activities

Fun, fun, fun in the sun

With summer approaching and the weather getting hotter, nobody will want to be in the house. Don't waste the dog days of summer away! Get up, get out, and get moving with you and your little one with these adventurous activities in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Food Frenzy

Who doesn't love tasty meals and…


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